Welcome to The Widow’s Journey: from Grief to Growth, a non-profit organization designed to provide the widowed community with education, professional resources, and support on the journey that began with your loss and ends with the new promising future of your making.

You may be overwhelmed with the amount of content found here, so be assured that this site is meant to be visited regularly, rather than absorbed all at once. We suggest that you start with The Journeywhich will help you identify some of the physical manifestations of your grief, as well as educate you about the administrative tasks and decisions which need to be addressed. You will find links throughout this section to checklists, organizational tools, and other websites and resources, all of which are stored at Resources & Links. To view upcoming events and webinars that are designed to introduce you to your peers, educate you about the financial, social and emotional aspects of the journey, and introduce you to professional resources, go to Events.

Regardless of how you came to be here, we recognize that your life has now changed dramatically. Experts in psychology have found that having a strong social support system is the most important factor in overcoming grief and finding happiness. Our hope is that this site will provide you with that social support, as well as the education and resources to allow you to move forward with a sense of confidence and purpose. Please join our community by Signing Up for our informational emails so you can stay informed about upcoming events, new additions to the site, and other information of interest.

Meet the Founder: Joy D. Kirsch shares her journey from Grief to Growth.
“My experience with widowhood has shaped who I am both personally and professionally. It has led me to pursue my own grief recovery... read more